Inheritance Tax Planning


Given the way in which the value of our houses has increased over the course of the last generation

the prospect of having to pay Inheritance Tax on our deaths has become a much more pressing concern, especially in circumstances in which successive Governments have refrained from increasing the threshold above which such tax becomes payable.


Consequently, when considering how best to organise our property and financial affairs in order that the impact of our deaths on our families may be minimised, the possibility of a tax liability is something we must now frequently consider.

Hewitson and Harker has a wealth of expertise in the area of Inheritance Tax planning. We can advise clients on the possibility of paying tax and help to plan to minimise tax liabilities. We can work through the complexities of the current tax regime and the consequences of owning assets.

Moreover, working in an area shaped by farming, we have acted for farming families for many years, for whom, together with succession, tax planning is a major concern.

We work closely with accountants, independent financial advisers and others interested in protecting a client’s interests so that, when they instruct Hewitson and Harker to advise on tax planning, a client may be assured that they receive the best possible and up-to-date advice available.